Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I received this invitation this morning on my email


how have you been?

we are running a prompt, called short story slam, yet it is mainly a poetry prompt, which means a poem, a Haiku, or a poetic prose, of course, a short story is accepted, make sure your entry is 200 words or less,

Hope to see your contribution ...

Thanks for the love to creativity.

Happy October!

Stay Creative and Beautiful!


and I though why not give it a try... so this is my first entry... i hope they won't mind that I decided to have it here on my other blog so as not to be confused on as I have the other blog (Me Daily) for the Magpie Tales....

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Blowing, B  U  B  B  L  E  S?
Are You Joking...

it cannot be
at all
compared to life...

can make a bubble.
different sizes,
different shapes...

but with life
blow it and you will be done.

after making a bubble
you can blow it more
with your sweet lips protruding;
it can either go up
or go further away,
and as you wish...

but with life,
after blowing it;
you cannot blow it again
for you may still be living
but in people's eyes
or you are already D O N E!..
and G O N E !


  1. you did well.

    Thanks for lovely words and the insights,


  2. Nicely penned poem.

    Yet, with one idea I do not agree: For blowin' life's all about learnin' (...for me).
    Unless you are dead at the end of your blowin', I'm sure new life lessons will start a pourin'.

    And if you keep your spirit open, well then it's for certain new horizons will be yours for the livin' :-D

  3. Hi, JJ...I think you said on Bluebell that this was your first attempt at the Short Story Slam and you produced a poem. I like the pattern and rhythm. :-) And while I understand what emanita is saying - disagreeing with the sentiment about "blowing it and being done" and seeing mistakes as a learning opportunity - I also can interpret your poem another way....that individual mistake and blown opportunities are not the end of the world, but we DO only get one shot at this life, and it's up to us to make every day count. :-) Keep up the poetry - and your photography is BEAUTIFUL!!


  4. i wanna say:

    @ morning, thank you for the visit and the appreciation...

    @ Emanita01, thank you maam for the visit and the appreciation. You got a point there and well taken. thanks!

    @ ifacethesun, Thank you maam. your insights are well appreciated as well. and i will continue to do this, i just found photography and poems very rewarding especially if people like you would come and visit and check me out. Thank you!


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