Thursday, October 27, 2011

Butterfly Garden Resort

My sister Mary Ann have been slowly developing this property
since she purchased it 4 years ago.
It started out like a hang out,
or a weekend gateaway for the family
until neighbors and friends are liking it 
and asking if they can rent it out. 
so now it is open for public. 

Why the name?..
well my sister loves Butterflies
and my mother loves to Garden...

and my younger brother is soon to start his own.
the location is just beside my sister's property.

as our humble small town of Roxas is already developing
we cannot let our HOME stay that way.
besides is no longer healthy living there with all the noise.
and danger for the kids with all the cars and trucks passing by...
guess we are moving to the farm and live there.
fresh fruits, fresh eggs, and fresh vegetables...
btw, my mother has a poultry, piggery, goats,
ducks, name it, she got it... A little zoo..

So the next project is
converting our residential house 

to this. 

and of course
I have my plans too...
how am I gonna do it...

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