Monday, October 15, 2012

When Leaves Turn To Flowers II

after I checked the front garden, looking if how my roses are doing. ooops! not my roses, my boss's rose garden, which i am taking care of for her. i have found these gorgeous flowers.

after enjoying the beautiful flowers which i know could probably be the last blooms that i will see as the weather is becoming colder and colder everyday, i went for my once a week hike which i am excited about because, today i will not just be accompanied by my very handsome hiking buddy, leonardo
 but also, by my the young beauty, Miss Stella
and these are the nature's beauty that we are lucky to enjoy. just at the back of the house.


 and the street where we live. isn't these trees gorgeous. my walk to the mailbox...

 poor guys... 2 hours of hike. i am just getting started. hehehe...

pictures by jjroarodriguez
niagara escarpment
burlington, ontario, canada
oct 11 - 12, 2012

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  1. the dogs were so CUTE! hehehe.. And i just love the trees and its colors.


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