Friday, December 2, 2011

I made it for Xmas...

when my lady boss went for the holidays
i know she is thinking if who will be
doing the light on our trees in front and the the back.
the guy who use to do it
pass away a last October.

so, knowing a little on lights
as i use to do it for my mother
back home in the Philippines,
i tried to do it.

and she was so pleased and
happy with the result.
she called me in the middle of the night
upon arrival at home.
she said, that's the most wonderful
surprise i gave her.
and never seen those trees
as beautiful as how I did it.

and to complete the surprise
i have this done last night.
so when she came home from work at 7pm.
she was once again surprise
by these.

pictures taken by JJRordriguez
December 2, 2011
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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