Monday, November 14, 2011

Tillsonburg Country Ride

my "THANK YOU!" to JC's dad for taking me
for the ride. while JC is squeezing himself at
the back of the truck, to give me the front seat
so i can have a good view of the place.

Thank you JC Sr and Jr!..


Photos Taken by JJ Roa Rodriguez
Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
November 12, 2011


  1. Beautiful pictures, JJ, but now people will think that we are all Amish Mennonites here. lol

    It was wonderful showing you around the area last weekend. So much fun.

    Could life get any better?


  2. i dont think they will ever look at the area that way. a small town but shows two beautiful and wonderful life. I love it!

    thanks JC!

  3. Stunning. The largest one and that with the gulls (?) in the field stand out.


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